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TSA's Minnesota Chapter offers support for individuals with Tourette Syndrome, their parents, siblings and friends. Attending a support group can be one way to connect with other people, learn about Tourette, share information and know you're not alone. TSA-MN also offers educational and public awareness presentations about Tourette to teachers, school mates, physicians, and other groups.

Support Groups

Support groups provide individuals with Tourette, parents of children with Tourette, as well as friends and relatives an opportunity to:

  • share information and resources;
  • talk about challenges, opportunities, questions and concerns;
  • learn about physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and other medical providers who are familiar with diagnosing and treating Tourette;
  • exchange ideas about managing Tourette at home, at school or at work
  • meet and connect with other people in the Tourette community
  • develop a support network with people who "get it" and understand your situation.


Twin Cities Support Group!

Newly formed Twin Cities Support Group meet most months near the University of Minnesota. This central location makes it easy for anyone in the Twin Cities to attend. Please check out announcements about specific meeting time and place on our Face book page!

Want to start a new parent support group or PACTS (Parent Advocates for Children with Tourette Syndrome) in your community? We invite people to start their own support groups in your community. If interested and want help getting started, please contact Andrea Bejarano-Robinson at: (612) 759-7112.

Educational Presentations/In-service Teacher Training

If you are interested in having a speaker come to your school, clinic, meeting, or any other gathering, please contact Brian or Lori at: TSA-MN phone (612) 759-7112 or at 651-342-0649.

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